studio policies


You should be dressed and ready to start your session at the scheduled time. We suggest that you arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before your scheduled class to avoid late cancellation charges.

This is a safety issue, and we ask that you respect both our instructors and other students by showing up on time. We are very strict about this rule.


Drop-In, Class packages and memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Upon purchasing make sure to record the expiration date and use all classes before that date. You can see all expiration info HERE

Class Packages/Deals/Black Friday Special/Gift Cards/Gifted towards current accounts:

NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. Upon purchasing make sure to know the expiration date and use all classes before that date, no extensions are granted regardless of circumstances.

Candy Shop Studio / Live Once Inc. IS NOT responsible for lifestyle changes that may prevent you from using memberships, packages, passes and deals that have expiration.


PRIVATE LESSONS: We ask that you let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time if you need to cancel; otherwise you will lose your payment. There are no refunds for late cancellations.

GROUPON & OTHER DEALS: Only to be used by new customers and voucher holders must call to redeem. Cannot be added as a credit towards any other service, membership, or retail item.

At the Candy Shop Studio we have a 6-hour cancellation policy. As long as you cancel at least 6 hours before your scheduled class or waitlist, you will not lose that class. The class card will go back to your account and you will be able to use it for another class.

If you late cancel, you will lose the class from your package/membership card.

We ask that you let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time if you need to cancel a private class; otherwise, you will lose your payment.

There are no refunds on late cancellations. This cancellation policy does not apply to PRIVATE PARTIES. This is for regularly scheduled classes or private lessons only.

Please book all classes online. All foundations courses are 4 weeks in length and when you sign up you are commiting to the full 4 week session – no refunds, no makeup classes, no transfers. If you cannot make a session, you will miss that class without a makeup.

All drop in style classes are higher level and prerequisites must be met to attend these classes. You must register online for all classes. Walk ins are not recommended as there may not be space. We are a very small boutique studio that does not have unlimited spaces in class. To avoid disappointment, please book all sessions online. If you have issues booking, please contact us at or at 416-419-5448

Class purchases, packages, memberships are non- refundable and nontransferable. Once you purchase your classes, make sure you know the expiration date and use all classes before that date. We will not extend the expiration date.

Taking pictures and filming is not allowed in our classes during instruction. Please respect the privacy of others. If you want to take pictures or film yourself, you are welcome to do so during the following times:

Pole Parties – Private classes – Private Space Rental – Practice Pole Time –At the end of Class if Time Permits

No alcohol or other drug is allowed to be consumed before any physical activities at the studio. If you are intoxicated when arriving at our studio, you will not be allowed to participate in class and will not be refunded your money.

Please wear proper attire when visiting our studio. Proper attire is: Athletic wear such as opaque fitted shorts (loose material will not be allowed), sports bras and/or tank tops, or opaque leggings for aerial classes. No see-through material is allowed. No undergarments allowed to be used as work out attire. NO THONG/G-Strings

Food & Beverages with the exception of bottled water is not allowed in the dance studios. Please make sure to leave it with your personal belongings.

Please respect your instructors and fellow students and leave your phone conversations outside the studio while in class. This goes to text messaging as well.

No street shoes on the studio floor.

We do not tolerate bullying or disrespecting of other students and their personal space. Such behavior will result of removal from the studio and you will be banned from taking classes at Candy Shop Studio

Candy Shop is an inclusive space that welcomes all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and physical abilities. Our studio is a safe space for students to express themselves without discrimination.

Hatred or harassment of any kind, including homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, and racism, will not be tolerated.

  • For your safety, please do not use any equipment until instructed to do so. If you arrive for class early, you are not permitted to practice.
  • Safe training requires a proper warm-up. For this reason, please be on time for class. Students arriving 15 or more minutes late will not be permitted to take part in the class.
  • Only indoor shoes, barre socks, or bare feet are permitted in the studio area.
  • For hygienic reasons, students are required to wipe down their pole and mat after every use. Disinfecting spray and clothes are provided by the studio. Students are welcome to bring microfiber cloths from home if they choose.
  • Please remove any jewelry that may come into contact with the poles prior to your class beginning.
  • Please do not use any lotions or oils prior to class. Sweating may cause the lotion to be released to the surface of the skin which is then transferred to the poles, making them slippery.
  • Students are not allowed to video or record their classes. Photos or videos may be taken only with the instructor’s permission.
  • Grips are not provided for students but are available for purchase if required.
  • Any student who is intoxicated upon arrival at the studio will not be allowed to participate and will not be provided a refund or credit.
  • For the privacy and comfort of our students, spectators are not allowed in the studio space or lobby during class time.
  1. We will make every effort to contact students if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather.
  2. Our primary communication methods of incliment closures will be email, phone, and social media.
  3. Make sure your contact information is up to date so that there is not issue contacting you.